Whilst the coastal areas do not have such a concentration of sea life they do offer some fascinating dives. You can find wrecks, tunnels, caves, walls full of plant life, coral and rich fauna..
  • La vaca
  • El Dofí
  • Carall Bernat
  • Pedra de Déu
  • Pota del Llop
  • El Salpatxot
  • Tascons Petits
These zones in the reserve, frequented by divers, are characterised by a great quantity of bustling marine life, mainly large groupers which can be found a shallow depths. These enormous fish approach divers fearlessly and with an air of curiosity, wreathed in clouds of Sargasso, with eagle rays skimming along the sea-floor amongst schools of barracudas. Divers will be in awe of the underwater caves and sea walls teeming with anemones.
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